Privacy Policy


Barrett Rose & Lee Inc. is a professional recruitment agency committed to the utmost respect for the Personal Information entrusted to it. We believe that information collected about our candidates belongs to them, and our policy has always been to treat and use it sensitively and ethically. We share information only with candidates’ express consent; maintain complete confidentiality when using it for internal marketing and research purposes; and ensure that candidates have control over it. Recent changes to the Privacy Act (2000) reflect Barrett Rose & Lee’s own ethical views and have our whole-hearted support.

This Privacy Statement explains our policies and practices with regard to personal information collected in the course of our business.

Our Pledge

Barrett Rose & Lee is committed to the protection of our candidates’ and clients’ privacy. As a result of our commitment, we pledge to:

  • maintain the strictest confidence with respect to all of the personal information entrusted to us;
  • get explicit or implicit consent before collecting any personal information;
  • get explicit consent before sharing any personal information with third parties (except as defined in “Disclosure of Personal Information,” below);
  • ensure that candidates have reasonable access to personal information, and the right to correct, delete or add to that information;
  • ensure that candidates have the right to withdraw consent to collection and use of personal information.


Submission of your resume, covering letter and other documents to Barrett Rose & Lee is deemed to imply your consent for Barrett Rose & Lee to record and retain that personal information, to compare your profile with job requirements, and to contact you with potential opportunities. You also implicitly consent to our use of the information for our own internal processes, while protecting your confidentiality.

Barrett Rose & Lee will safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information until you explicitly give your consent to do otherwise, except where required by law. We will contact you by telephone or e-mail each time to obtain your permission to disclose your information to a client, and obtain your authorization to contact your references prior to doing so.

You can, at any time, withdraw your implicit or explicit consent to collect, use or disclose your personal information, by contacting our Privacy Officer.

Collection of Personal Information
Barrett Rose & Lee collects information to enable matching candidates with our clients’ staffing needs, to effect such placements, and to understand the marketplace in which we operate. We are deeply aware that some of this information is highly personal, and we therefore collect, use and share it only with candidate’s consent, or for a very few purposes which could reasonably be considered appropriate.

Barrett Rose & Lee collects personal information through a variety of methods, including:

  • Resumes and covering letters supplied by our candidates
  • Responses to advertisements
  • Telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and follow-up conversations
  • Referrals
  • Applications through our website
  • Job board postings (e.g. Workopolis)The information that we collect includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Resumes, curricula vitae, reference letters, and similar documentation
  • E-mail and mailing addresses, telephone numbers, other contact information
  • Educational details, certifications, designations, etc.
  • Names and contact information of references
  • Work performance, workplace incidents, leaves-of-absence, etc.
  • Company name (if incorporated, sole proprietor or partner)
  • Salary, consulting or contract rates, other remuneration
  • Job/role and location preferences
  • SpecializationsFrom time to time, certain other very sensitive information may be collected and used for specific purposes (payroll and/or security checks, where required) described herein. These are:
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Date and place of birth

We might supplement our data with information from third parties. For instance, if inaccurate postal codes are received, we may use third party software (e.g. Canada Post) to retrieve correct information.

All personal information is electronically stored in our secure database. From time to time, printouts may be required, which are maintained in a secure fashion and destroyed when the specific requirement no longer exists.

Use of Personal Information

We use personal information only for specific and limited purposes. We ask for and collect only such data as is adequate and relevant for these purposes, which include the following:

  • To determine suitability for and interest in potential permanent or contract placements within one or more of our client companies
  • To determine an appropriate rate of pay or contract fee for such a placement
  • To establish references required by our clients
  • Internal research or marketing purposes, using aggregated data (multiple candidates) with no individual identifying marks whatsoever
  • To help us improve our services or resolve any problems.Disclosure of Personal Information
    As part of the service we provide to our candidates and clients, some personal information must be disclosed from time to time. We do not disclose, share, sell or distribute personal information with unrelated third parties, except in the following specific circumstances:
  • With direct consent, to share personal information with a client, in order to begin the process of securing employment for a candidate. We ask for consent for each and every separate disclosure.
  • We will disclose your resume, salary or rate information, information with respect to language skills, work experience, insights gained from interviews and references.Personal information may be transferred to third parties who act for or on behalf of Barrett Rose & Lee, or in connection with its business, for further processing in accordance with the purposes for which the data was originally collected.
  • Resume formatting pool.
  • Payroll processor.
  • Affiliate Placement Organization.In the event of a placement, we may collect additional information required to satisfy security checks, complete the placement and arrange payrolling. This information would include:
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Date and place of birth
  • Bank transit and account number

It may be necessary for us to share or transfer the information in our databases to comply with a legal requirement, for the administration of justice, to protect candidates’ vital interests, to protect the security or integrity of our databases or web site, to take precautions against legal liability, or in the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event. We contractually require this third party to take adequate precautions to protect that data.

Information Integrity and Security

All of Barrett Rose & Lee’s officers, employees and agents are required and trained to maintain its confidentiality. We strive to ensure the reliability, accuracy, completeness and currency of the personal information in our databases and to protect their privacy and security. We keep your personal information only for as long as reasonably necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, or to comply with any applicable legal or ethical reporting or document retention requirements.

Our servers and our databases are protected by industry standard security technology, such as industry standard firewalls, password protection and backup procedures. No person other than officers, employees and agents of Barrett Rose & Lee has access to personal information.

Administrators who have access to personal information have been trained to handle such data properly and in accordance with our security protocols and strict standards of confidentiality. Every effort is made to guard against any loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction of information.

You may inquire on and amend, supplement or delete any and all personal information by calling our Privacy Officer.

Links to Other Web Sites

The Barrett Rose & Lee web site does contain hyperlinks to web sites that are not operated by Barrett Rose & Lee which, while provided for your reference and convenience, would not imply any endorsement of the activities of these third-party web sites or any association with their operators. We do not control any web site other than our own, and are not responsible for their data or privacy practices.

Our site does not use cookies to keep track of user sessions, and therefore does not retain any information not expressly committed to it by users.

Transfer of Data Abroad

Of course, the Internet is made up of a large number of international connections. If you are visiting our web site from a country other than Canada, where our server is located, the various communications will result in the transfer of information across international boundaries. By visiting our web site and communicating electronically with us, you consent to these transfers.

Governing Law

This privacy policy is governed by and construed to be in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada, and with the “Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, S.C. 2000, c.5” as legislated by the Government of Canada.

Notification of changes to this Policy

As a result of changes in the law and/or the changing nature of technology, our privacy practices may change from time to time. Such changes will be posted on our web site and available in hard copy at our offices. We encourage you to check our web site or written policy regularly.

Questions, Concerns, Suggestions

Barrett Rose & Lee has appointed a Privacy Officer whose responsibility is to monitor and improve our privacy procedures, and to respond to any privacy concerns, questions and suggestions from our candidates and clients. To contact our Privacy Officer during business hours, please call 905-678-3222 Ext 320, or by e-mail at