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Archive for June 2016

Improving Talent Management can Improve Earnings

A Companies Can Improve Earnings Nearly 15% by Improving Talent Management Function By excelling in talent management, the average Fortune 500 company can generate a nearly 15% improvement in Earnings Before Interest,Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA), netting almost $400 million annually, according to new Book of Numbers research from The Hackett Group, a strategic advisory firm…

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The Importance of Emotionally Intelligent Teams

When Daniel Goleman wrote his landmark books on emotional intelligence in the 90’s (Emotional Intelligence, 1995, Working with Emotional Intelligence, 1998), managers in organizations everywhere nodded heads in agreement. Finally, what they knew to be true about dealing with people had a name and was clearly articulated. For the past decade, important research has been…

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