Barrett Rose & Lee is a Toronto-based, management recruiting boutique committed to providing superior talent.

Where we build management teams!

Barrett Rose & Lee recruits senior and mid-level executives, as well as professional staff, in:

  • pre-sales and service delivery professionals for information technology vendors
  • sales and marketing
  • technical and engineering for manufacturing
  • finance, human resources, and administration

Top tier clients

Barrett Rose & Lee has built a successful business and reputation as being a trusted source for recruitment concentrating in the areas of sales, marketing and professional services focusing our efforts and becoming experts in the software industry and reliability arena.  Our clients are top-tier companies, and they hire the best, choosing from the top 20% in their fields. Our clients are organizations for whom topnotch talent creates a competitive advantage, and they are prepared to maintain their strategic edge with a compensation plan that puts a premium on key contributors.

We recruit people as career buildersBetter candidates, best fit

Businesses grow and change as markets develop. The skills, talents, and ambitions of key people must match the organization’s evolutionary stage and move with the market’s development for optimum effectiveness.

We search out the people who will fit our client as it develops. We recruit people who see themselves as “career builders,” not “job doers,” and who see themselves as long-term contributors to the company’s strategic excellence.

Client service key to success

At Barrett Rose & Lee we are accustomed to working with exacting clients, with demanding standards, and with aggressive timetables. We treat our clients and candidates with respect. We conduct each assignment ethically, with discretion, and with confidentiality. We work hard at building long-term relationships with our clients.

Our professional staff ranks with the best. Our consultants are seasoned professionals, with experience in the jobs and industry they serve. They are encouraged to continually update their professional skills.