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Recruiter’s Advice

Job seekers finding work faster

By Brenda Bouw of The Canadian Press. This article was printed in The Globe and Mail on August 20, 2009. People looking for work, or a better position than the one they have now, have reason to be optimistic that it won’t be long before they land their dream job – or at least one that…

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Seven secrets for romancing your recruiter

Below is an article written by Wallace Immen. Published in the Globe and Mail on Wednesday, July 15. It gives another perspective on working with recruiters. When Vince Fernandez lost his job last fall, he – like thousands of others who have suddenly found themselves unemployed in this economy – wanted to connect with headhunters…

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Registering with Recruiters

The Recruiting/Executive Search/ Personnel Agency industry consists of a few large multinational firms with specialist practices (more at ) and untold numbers of boutique firms focusing on specific industries in local geographic markets.  Many are very small firms (less than 5 professionals) with limited advertising and no internet presence. Most firms maintain internal databases…

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