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Top 4 Strategic Interview Styles

Most interviewers have never been through a class on interview styles. It’s a surprise to many that there are strategic techniques you can use to learn more about a candidate than questions can reveal. Learn all four styles and use them to reveal the candidate behind the interview face.


Top 10 Interview No No’s

If you are not prepared, you can easily destroy an interview by asking the wrong questions. The way you ask questions in an interview can easly get you or your company in legal trouble. Read this article and share the Top 10 Interview No No’s with every interviewer you know.


Top Interview Questions

Interviewing can be a tedious and stressful time. Which questions should you ask, which ones are appropriate? Do you prepare a question list for interviews? This article takes a look at 14 powerful interview questions, and gives insight into the kind of character traits the right questions can reveal.


Five Steps for Giving Quality Interviews

Interviewing should be taken seriously and anyone giving an interview must be prepared. Learn ways to run a more effective interview, asking great questions that can keep candidates on their toes, and allow you to learn more about your prospects.


The Need for Speed!

In today’s globalized economy companies are always looking for uniquely skilled individuals. Whether the economy is reaching new highs or experiencing a downturn, top talent is always in demand. Star employees have accomplishments and abilities make them stand out from the rest. These are the top prospects that companies want but may not always get. Although most people find jobs between 30 to 100 days, the top ten percent of candidates usually land a new job in about ten days.