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Roberta Carol

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The financial management of a large (sales over $10B) global manufacturer of high-tech communications equipment with manufacturing and distribution centers in three or more countries. Prepared to live anywhere and to travel.

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Strong analytical abilities plus experience in global financial markets. Strategic planner with excellent tactical skills. Foresight coupled with a reactive edge. Team builder, mentor, and developer of talent. More than 10 years experience in senior financial management positions. Fluent in French and German.

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Business Experience
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Company A, Rye, NY 2003 – Present
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Vice President, Finance & CFO.

A NYSE-listed high-tech developer and marketer of wireless data communication systems. Operates globally through 17 sales subsidiaries in 14 countries, 36 sales offices and 26 distributors. Sales of $10.6 billion.
Responsibilities: Strategic Planning, Information Technology and Investor Relations. Current staff compliment is 85 people in 51 locations.


  • Managed a highly successful $1.3B IPO in September 1995.
  • Changed banks in May 1994 establishing avant-garde global lending arrangements worth a total of $1.9B.
  • Developed and implemented global currency hedging strategies, saved $25M per annum on currency fluctuations.
  • Conducted worldwide transfer pricing analysis and structured operations to optimize worldwide-consolidated income taxes.
  • Established management training and exchange program to ensure succession and disaster planning.

Company B, Boston, MA 2000 – 2003
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Vice President, Finance CFO and Corporate Secretary
A NASDAQ-listed high tech developer and marketer of manufacturing execution (MES) software with sales of $50M. Operates globally through four sales subsidiaries and 10 sales offices.


  • Successfully negotiated financing with two venture capital companies.
  • Managed a successful $20M IPO.
  • Negotiated restructuring of complex employee, senior management and investor shareholdings, as well as long and short-term debt in preparation for public offering.

Company C, Toronto and New York l995 – 2000
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Vice President and Director
An international trade, technology, and tourism consulting practice.


  • Developed/assisted Canadian and US manufacturers with Free Trade Agreement strategies, including US market studies and opportunity analyses.
  • Negotiated grants and incentives with US state governments.
  • Advised US companies on direct distribution opportunities in Canada.

Company D, Toronto, ON 1994 – 1995
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Corporate Treasurer
A $300 million, publicly traded, multi-business consumer product manufacturer operating in Canada and the US.

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Company E, Bonn, West Germany 1992 – 1994
Vice President, Finance & CFO

Company F, Denver, CO 1989 – 1992
Manager, Finance and Administration