Sales Professional Resume

The resume of the best sales professionals, regardless of background have several characteristics in common.

The volume of sales and % of quota you’ve achieved.
The names and industries of accounts you’ve developed.
The size of individual contracts with specific organizations you’ve managed or negotiated.
The depth of your product or technical expertise.
Geographic territory and number of reports if relevant.
The formal sales methodology training completed

Robin C.

Address City, State/Prov Postal/Zip Code Telephone Numbers E-mail
Objective (optional)
The management of a top-notch North American sales team (sales over $2B) in high-tech communications. Prepared to move within North America and to travel.

Summary (optional)
More than 10 years progressive sales management experience in American and Canadian high-tech communications equipment markets. Strong sales ability and excellent market analysis. Strong Product technical skills. Strategic thinker and tactical powerhouse. Motivator, team-builder, with excellent communications and interpersonal skills. Fluent in spoken Spanish.

Business Experience
(Make your most recent work experience the most detailed)

Company A, Mississauga, ON 2002 – Present
Company URL
Regional Sales Manager

A NASDAQ-listed high-tech developer and marketer of wireless data communication systems. Operates globally through 17 sales subsidiaries in 14 countries, 36 sales offices and 26 distributors. Sales of $120 million with 95% revenues outside Canada and 45% internationally.

Responsibilities, reporting to the Vice president of Sales:

  • implementing all sales & marketing activities within North American (substantial travel).
  • creating strategies and tactics to establish channels in both the retail & OEM marketplaces in the USA.

Quota performance:
2006 quota – $40M achieved 85%
2005 quota – $35M achieved 111%
2004 quota – $30M achieved 115%
2003 quota – $20M achieved 150%
Sold contracts over $10M to AT&T, General Electric, Sprint, Cable & wireless, IBM, Lucent and NSA.

Company B, Toronto, ON 1996 – 2002
Company URL
Toronto Account Manager

A TSE-listed high tech developer and marketer of manufacturing execution (MES) software with sales of $50M. Operates globally through four sales subsidiaries and 10 sales offices.


Quota performance:
2002 quota – $4M achieved 112% (prorated)
2001 quota – $3.5M achieved 110%
2000 quota – $3M achieved 115%
1999 quota – $2M achieved 100%
Sold major contracts over $1M to AT&T, Celestica , IBM, Lanpar Technologies and Digital Equipment

(Summarize anything prior to 10 years work experience)

Company C, Toronto, ON 1992 – 1996
Company URL
Tourism & Travel Sales Representative

Company D, Toronto, ON 1990 – 1992
Company URL
Existing Account Manager

Company E, Toronto, ON 1989 – 1990

Degree/Diploma/Certificate Institution, City Year

Professional Courses
Course Name Institution, City, Year
Course Name Institution, City, Year
Course Name Institution, City, Year