A Skills-based (or Functional) Résumé

Robert Charles

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Objective (optional)
A position as a Consultant and Project Manager that will use my skills and experience in process re-engineering, system development, and sales to help a company achieve its business goals and objectives in periods of change.

Summary (optional)
High energy, drive, and enthusiasm achieved excellent sales record. Effective project manager, team player, with client service focus. Clear view of work process and administrative systems, and ways to simplify them.

Relevant Skills
(Start with the skills most relevant to the job you want, and quantify where you can.)

Process Engineering

  • Developed lease administration processes for new leasing company
  • Designed asset tracking administration systems for bank and company, reducing losses by average 2% per year
  • Re-engineered and simplified administrative processes to encourage sales force to write lease contracts, lease business grew by 7% in year following process changeProject Management
  • Managed six system development projects for lease administration and asset tracking for two companies and bank.
  • Managed small-ticket Leasing System development project for leasing company entering PC leasing business
  • Leasing representative on multiple Canadian and international development projects for Company B
  • Managed process path for determining new system requirements to handle new product launchesSales
  • As lease marketing representative: increased branch revenue from $5M to $50M over 2 year period, with sales of more than 100% of quota both years in top 10% of marketing representatives in second year.
  • Sold product support packages, to more than 100% of quota in each of two years.
  • Wrote marketing programs to increase lease participation and product sales.

Employment History

(Make your most recent work experience the most detailed)

Business Systems Manager Dec. 2004 – Dec. 2005
Company A Inc., City, Company Line of Business, Size
Company URL
Marketing Project Manager Jul. 2001 – Nov. 2004
Company B Ltd., City, Company Line of Business, Size
Company URL
Lease Marketing Representative Apr. 1997 – Jun. 2001
Company C Ltd., City, Company Line of Business, Size
Company URL
Product Support Sales Jul. 1996 – Apr. 1997
Company D Ltd., City, Company Line of Business, Size
Company URL
Various Senior Administration and Programming Positions Sept. 1992 - Jul. 1996


Degree/Diploma/Certificate Institution, City 1992