Recruiting Process

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Why will you get better results with Barrett Rose & Lee? We work hard at building long-term relationships with our clients, at understanding your business and your needs. And we maximize search and placement success with this five-step process.

1. Understanding our client’s needs
2. Search process
3. Assessing candidates
4. Objective decision making
5. Hiring Strategies

Our clients are not just hiring an individual; their building a management or sales team.

1: Understanding our client’s needs

At Barrett Rose & Lee we will act as a business partner. We bring years of experience and a good deal of insight to the demanding process of finding the right fit for your team.
In meeting with our clients, we will:

  • examine their long and short-term needs and plans
  • discuss the impact of their strategy on your growth
  • review the company evolution and the maturity of its market
  • examine the position they wish to fill, the skills required, and the team environment
  • help them articulate their expectations and preferences

A thorough understanding of their needs help us find the top tier candidates who will best fit into their corporate culture, outlook, and strategy.

2: Search process

Barrett Rose & Lee develops and executes a comprehensive search plan to find the candidates who meet our client’s needs. We’ll do what it takes to find superior talent. Our database is one of the industry’s largest and we continue to search out new and growing talent through this and many public databases and published resources.  Over the years in business, we have developed a large network of exceptionally talented people and we identify the right talent for the right fit. Because we know our client’s are looking for more than a bundle of skills, we’ll seek out the candidates with more to offer. Exceptional talent doesn’t have to look for a job, we find them.

3: Assessing candidates

Our seasoned search professionals will probe the candidates’ education, experience, and accomplishments. Our team will ask the candidates insightful questions to assess their intelligence, values, and personality traits. During the interview process we discuss candidates’ career aspirations and see how they compare to your company’s evolution and plans for growth; all to determine the right candidate for the position.

Barrett Rose and Lee will introduce the qualified candidates best suited to our client’s company, team, and expectations only after this intensive assessment indicates a good match.

4: Objective decision support

At Barrett Rose & Lee, in order to make objective decisions we use the Professional Dynametrics Program (PDP), an statistically-based behavioural trait assessment tool used in the hiring, development, and evaluation of people. The PDP hiring and screening method has been used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies to help them avoid costly hiring errors. We present each candidate with the PDP report so that our client’s can make a sound decision to match their corporate culture.

Our Barrett Rose & Lee team have been trained in the assessing the strengths and intensities of people. Once a final candidate has been chosen, we will provide employment references and education verification. In order to provide a standard among the candidates, we contract BackCheck, a leading Canadian provider of pre-employment due-diligence, to conduct these reports. They use a combination of standard questions and questions developed to address candidate specific concerns. Their reports are thorough, comprehensive and impartial. Additional services such as credit and criminal checks are also available.

We share the results of our candidate assessment, including the PDP report and extensive, impartial background checks, with our clients. They have a very fair, and objective view of how candidates will fit in the job, in the team, and in the company.

5: Hiring Strategies

Once the client has met, interviewed, and reviewed the best talent available.  The careful decision has been made to choose the person the client thinks has the most to offer their company. Now, what can they offer their chosen candidate?

Barrett Rose & Lee will discuss attraction and hiring strategies with our clients. We’ll review what they have to offer, how and when it should be offered. Together we’ll review how they can respond to a competitive bid. We’ll ensure that they know what will attract and keep the talent they want. What “hidden” needs the candidate has that are unmet elsewhere. We’ll review the unique strengths of the candidate, and help the client structure the position to maximize the new team member’s effectiveness and job satisfaction. And we’ll look at the ways in which they can motivate and retain key people.

As the “go-between,” we’ll help the client manage the offer presentation, negotiate any details, and secure the best person for the job. The final handshake is all the clients.


Five good reasons

Barrett Rose & Lee will help define, find, assess, decide on, and secure the talented people needed to implement their strategic plan for growth and corporate development.
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