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    The True Cost of Toxic Employees And What To Do About It

    By: Renee Heinemann, Sr. Consultant, Barrett Rose & Lee Inc. In his book by the same name, Malcolm Gladwell defines a successful outlier as someone who charted a predictable course, was given […]

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    Keeping Employees Motivated and Engaged

    How do employees’ views affect their engagement in their work and commitment to their employer’s and ultimately, their behavior and performance on the job? The key is making them feel valued and […]

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    Money Ball and HR Department

    It worked in Baseball, why not HR? Companies can calculate the return on investment from everything from marketing and now to their workers. By analyzing the characteristics of their most successful employees, companies can go through resumes and make smarter decisions to hire the most successful and high potential talent.

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    Diversity as a Competitive Advantage

    Ride the subway, walk down a busy downtown street, or attend a lecture at a local university. If you take a moment to look around, you will notice the rich cultural diversity of our cities.

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    Managing Privacy with Third Parties

    Many companies utilize third parties in the handling and processing of personal information. This can range from marketing campaigns, to handling mail and fulfilment, to outsourcing of data processing.

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    Revolving Door Syndrome – Its Staggering Costs

    By Vikki Ali, Barrett Rose & Lee, Inc. The employee turnover costs are pervasive and are often staggering. The phenomenon coined the Revolving Door Syndrome is an inevitable part of business and […]

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    The Importance of Emotionally Intelligent Teams

    When Daniel Goleman wrote his landmark books on emotional intelligence in the 90’s (Emotional Intelligence, 1995, Working with Emotional Intelligence, 1998), managers in organizations everywhere nodded heads in agreement. Finally, what they […]

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    Improving Talent Management can Improve Earnings

    A Companies Can Improve Earnings Nearly 15% by Improving Talent Management Function By excelling in talent management, the average Fortune 500 company can generate a nearly 15% improvement in Earnings Before Interest,Depreciation, […]

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  • Playing to Win in a Global Economy

    Canadian Findings A Watson Wyatt report Executive Summary Attracting and retaining talent is becoming more critical — and more difficult — for Canadian organizations. With an aging workforce, younger workers in short […]

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    Assessing Job Candidates for Fit

    Quality personnel selections are important to organizational success and are critical to performance improvement. Increasingly, organizations are not just looking to fill positions based on knowledge, skills and abilities, but also for […]

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